Customs seized more than $7M in merchandise from Argentina

Customs seized more than $7M in merchandise from Argentina

The National Customs Directorate seized more than 7 million pesos in merchandise from Argentinawhich was hidden among the hidden spaces of an international travel bus.

After an important operation carried out in the last few hours on the Libertador General San Martín International Bridge in Fray Bentos (Río Negro)he Customs Response and Intelligence Group (GRIA) was able to verify the merchandise smuggling.

In conjunction with customs officials from Fray Bentos and Argentinaas well as the National Naval Prefecturethe GRIA a large quantity of merchandise that exceeded the franchise allowed by current regulations.

In total, about 80 packages of merchandise were seized smuggling for a value that amounts to 7,163,339 pesos (more than 180,000 dollars). Some of these packages were found hidden in hidden spaces of the vehicle, such as sections of the chassis and engine, as well as in the front bumper.

According to Customs, housing undeclared products in these spaces reveals “a scheme of smuggling more sophisticated.”

The merchandise was mostly hygiene items, such as creams, deodorants, soaps and toothpastes, but also shoes, handbags, clothing, underwear, energy drinks, and even insecticides and repellents.

The bus drivers were summoned

He Dr. Joaquín Suárezin charge of the Fray Bentos 2nd Shift Flagrant Prosecutor’s Office, ordered the summons of the bus drivers to the tax headquarters, as well as the seizure of the vehicle and all the merchandise. In the next few hours, legal actions against those investigated could also be resolved.

He smuggling continues to grow on the country’s coast, driven mainly by the exchange difference that currently exists between both nations and that generates enormous price differences on one side of the Uruguay River and of the other.

Source: Ambito

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