Congress re-elects Pedro Sánchez as president of the government

Congress re-elects Pedro Sánchez as president of the government

For the third time, Pedro SanchezHe was elected head of government in Spain by an absolute majority in Congress, with 179 votes in favor and 171 against, from the right-wing parties PP, Vox and UPN. This Thursday, after almost two days of debate, the president will continue to lead a country with a deep division due to his decision to grant a amnesty law for Catalan independentists in exchange for your support.

Sánchez had the support of six small parties that ensured he reached the absolute majority of 176 parliamentarians necessary to be re-elected.

elections in the Spanish parliament.jpeg

Elections in the Spanish Parliament.

What is the amnesty agreement

He amnesty agreement which the president signed with the Catalan separatist parties, Together for Catalunya and ERCwhich helped him obtain victory again in the Parliament, consisting of exempt hundreds of Catalan independentists who have legal cases after the attempted secession of the region in 2017.

At the same time, would benefit the former president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont, who is a fugitive from justice. But, the support of these parties for Sánchez would take place in the next four years of government, only if he complies with the economic and political agreements they reached.

A large part of Spaniards, according to several surveys, reject this measure and caused protests supported by the PP and Vox, who accuse Sánchez of betraying the nation to remain in power.

A new demonstrationin which leaders of far-right parties will participate.

The leader of the Spanish PSOE reported through a video on Tuesday who supports the presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria (UP), Sergio Massa, ahead of next Sunday’s runoff. In the publication he expressed that “it represents the commitment to coexistence democratic, for concord; and offers a project of unity, solidarity, with opportunities for everyone.”

“On November 19, decisive elections will be held in Argentina. Voters are not only going to elect a new president, but they are going to decide something much more important, which is the future they want for their country. The two candidates offer profound options Different from each other”said the Spanish president.

And he continued: “In a complex and uncertain global context like the current one, we need strengthen our democracies and adopt policies that respond to the needs of the people, especially the most humble. And continue along the path of the social advances”.

Likewise, Sánchez highlighted that “in the face of stridency, Sergio Massa represents tolerance and dialogue to build an Argentina with an inclusive development that leaves no one behind.” In the end, Sánchez closed: “Dear Sergio, I send you all my support from Spain and my most sincere wishes for success for the next elections on November 19. Good luck winning.”

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