Graz: Teacher convicted of sexual assault on 13-year-old student

Graz: Teacher convicted of sexual assault on 13-year-old student
The teacher was found guilty by the court.

The educator was accused of inappropriately touching a then 13-year-old during class around two years ago. The man did not feel guilty in any way and spoke of an intrigue.

Prosecutor Arnulf Rumpold explained that there were several allegations made by students, but they were “not relevant under criminal law.” It involved “touching and statements that are inappropriate for a teacher.” But in one case, a girl was said to have been “intensely touched” at the beginning of October 2021. The class turned to the principal, who immediately filed a report.

Defense attorney speaks of intrigue

The defense attorney stated that there had never been any incidents involving his client: “Why should he start now?” He spoke of “plot or intrigue, maybe it’s also about attention.” According to him, even the police described some of the students’ statements as contradictory, and no one was able to confirm the information provided by the girl concerned. “Sexual crimes often happen in such a way that no one notices anything. Which perpetrator wants to be caught?” said judge Andreas Lenz.

“I have been a teacher for 13 years and have never sexually harassed a girl or a boy,” emphasized the defendant. There was “at no time” any contact. “I don’t know the victim well, she was often missing,” said the accused. “You taught the student for the third year and you don’t know her?” the judge wondered.

Principal: “Girls don’t want to go to class with him”

The principal said the class seemed “very disturbed” when they spoke to her. “They said they were afraid,” and it was primarily about the girls. “They said they didn’t want to go to class with him anymore,” said the headmistress.

In the early afternoon there was a surprising verdict: the jury sentenced the teacher to eight months in prison, which was, however, granted conditionally. In any case, he has to pay the fine. The judgment is not final.

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