“I don’t understand it,” said Yamandú Orsi about Javier Milei

“I don’t understand it,” said Yamandú Orsi about Javier Milei
November 16, 2023 – 2:47 p.m.

The presidential candidate for the Frente Amplio and mayor of Canelones assured that he has a personal affinity with Sergio Massa.

Faces and Masks Uruguay

Looking ahead to upcoming elections In the neighboring country, some Uruguayan politicians are positioning themselves in favor of one or another candidate vying for the presidency of Argentina – Javier Milei and Sergio Massa – and the mayor of Canelones Yamandu Orsiassured that he has a personal affinity with the Peronist candidate, while Milei “does not understand.”

“I have a personal relationship and bond with Sergio Massa from the time he was mayor of Tiger and that type of affinity unites me, but for Uruguayan life the good thing is that there is a economic stability Argentina that guarantees us as a region to be able to go out together. That’s why I lean more towards those who propose that it is good to work with the region and that it allows us to go out into the world with a different head,” declared the presidential candidate.

In that sense, he assured that it is “a matter of affinity and even orientation” with respect to Massa. Meanwhile, he confessed that he does not understand Javier Milei, although he clarified that what the Argentines resolve is what must be respected. “Being the president of Argentina implies having a number of votes that, if I questioned it, I should be a little ashamed,” he remarked.

Mujica’s support for Massa

This week the former Uruguayan president, Jose Mujicagave his opinion regarding The elections will take place in Argentina over the weekend and assured that he would “vote for Massa with both hands” rather than vote for the right-wing candidate Javier Milei; Faced with this, the presidential candidate for Union for the Homeland thanked him for the support.

“If I were Argentine, I feel more than a brother in my intimate forum, before the dilemma that the Argentine people have and not because (Sergio) Massa be my friend, but given the option that exists I would vote for him,” states the former president at the beginning of the video.

In that sense, he stressed that he shares the position of the presidential candidate for Peronism because he “repeatedly” raises the need for a National government. “It seems to me that he is aware (of) that the Argentina It does not need a cataclysm but rather a backbone of national unity, because there it will have the strength to get out of the drama in which it is immersed,” Mujica explained.

For this reason, he assured that “I would vote for Massa with both hands” if I would have to vote in Argentina. “It seems to me that she inclines a step of hope with her open attitude of dialogue and of inclusion and not of contempt and crushing. Good luck Argentines, good luck, good luck to all Latin Americans; for the Argentine people and for us, those of us who live close to the Argentina”, Mujica concluded.

The Peronist candidate uploaded the video to his social networks thanking the former president for his support and affection for Argentina. Sergio Massa will face the candidate this Sunday Javier Milei in a runoff that has both Argentina and the countries related to it expectant.

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