Austrians prefer to watch TV on Sundays

Austrians prefer to watch TV on Sundays
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In contrast to 1979, this range has more than doubled, from three to six hours and 48 minutes a day. The favorite Sunday activity for 58 percent of the population is clearly watching television, according to the results of the survey published on Friday.

Sunday should still be the day of relaxation. In addition to watching TV, this day is regularly used to sleep in, 46 percent said. But walking is also at the top of the hit list in third place at 39 percent. Meeting friends and relatives is what 38 percent of those surveyed do. Internet or social media interests 33 and 23 percent respectively on Sunday.

If you look at the long-term comparison, the work-life balance has obviously also improved. According to the survey, the leisure budget in the group of working people increased from two hours 22 minutes to four hours 38 minutes between 1979 and 2023. 60 percent of the working population never works on weekends, while ten percent work every weekend. IMAS personally surveyed 1,033 people aged 16 and over in Austria in June.

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