Short trial: Schiefer questioned as the first witness

Short trial: Schiefer questioned as the first witness
Arnold Slate.
Image: ÖBB/Andreas Jakwerth

Ex-ÖBAG boss Thomas Schmid, who was actually called as the first witness but was unable to attend, will now testify on December 11th, as judge Michael Radasztics noted at the beginning.

At Schiefer, the question is whether Kurz knew about a personnel package for filling the executive board and supervisory board of ÖBAG that was negotiated between Schmid for the ÖVP and Schiefer for the FPÖ. According to his own statement, this was not known to Kurz. The ex-chancellor denies all allegations.

When asked about his career, Schiefer explained in court on Friday that he had helped negotiate the government program for the FPÖ in 2017. He was particularly involved in the chapters on transport and location, the Republic’s participation landscape as well as budget and financial issues.

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Sideletter as a “gentlemen’s agreement”

When asked about the “Sideletter” that became known in the media, Schiefer said that it was basically about moving away from the usual proportional representation for state holdings and supervisory boards. The previous 50 percent split was changed to a two-thirds split. The supervisory boards of the respective “participation world” were therefore appointed two-thirds by the responsible party and one-third by the other, explained Schiefer. The aim was to prevent any blockages. As far as he knows, this was then also adopted by the Black-Green Party.

Actually, that was a “side issue,” a “gentlemen’s agreement,” so to speak, said Schiefer. It stated, for example, that women’s quotas must also be taken into account. “It makes sense to discuss this as part of government negotiations,” emphasized Schiefer. However, keeping lists of supervisory boards was not one of his “favorite topics”.

All important information about the short process in the live blog:

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