repatriation of Brazilians and concern for Gaza

repatriation of Brazilians and concern for Gaza
November 17, 2023 – 19:05

Lula da Silva had a telephone conversation with Isaac Herzog after the demands of the Brazilian president for humanitarian conditions in Loop.

The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvajoined the voices that ask to sustain humanitarian conditions in Loopwhere to Israel has carried out a series of military operations since the Hamas group invaded their territory and kidnapped dozens of hostages. However, the Latin American president highlighted the “commitment of the Brazilian government to stop demonstrations of antisemitism“.

The communication occurred this Thursday and would have lasted for about 40 minutes. The main request of the president of Israel, Isaac Herzogwas that his Brazilian counterpart reinforce the call for the release of hostages kidnapped by Hamasespecially those of Latin American origin.

Lula da Silva committed and insisted on that request and highlighted the collective call that he made together with different national leaders of France, Russia and Indiaand even from countries of Middle East: Iran, United Arab Emirates, Türkiye, Qatar and Egypt. In addition, he reported having maintained communications by videoconference with Israeli relatives of the Brazilian hostages.

Repatriation of Brazilians: Lula da Silva thanked Israeli support

Just as it happened with the Argentinawhich in its first four flights repatriated 247 compatriots, Lula da Silva highlighted the support of government of israel in order to manage the return of 32 Brazilian citizens with their familiesfrom the Gaza Strip. Likewise, negotiations advanced to carry out a new repatriationof citizens of Brazil and Palestinian relatives.

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In the statement issued by the Government of Brazil After the statement, it is stated that Lula da Silva “reaffirmed the peaceful tradition of Brazilwhere Jews and Arabs have always lived together in peace.” At the same time, it ratifies “the importance of the two-state solution, with Israel and Palestine living next to each other, with secure and mutually accepted borders“.

Humanitarian crisis in Gaza: Lula da Silva expressed concern

According to the official document, in the communication between presidents “Lula expressed great concern about the very serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza and dismay at the loss of life, especially children.” In the last week, the president of brazil had expressed in local media that “Israel’s solution has been as serious as Hamas’s“, generating the repudiation of the Brazilian Jewish community.

Murder of civilians, attacks on hospitals, food shortages and lack of fuel were some of the situations reported in Loop by representatives of the UN General Assembly. “As terrible as the situation in Gaza is, it could get much worse,” he said. Martin Griffithscoordinator of UN Humanitarian Affairsadding: “If we do not act now, this conflict could spread, reaching other parts of the occupied Palestinian territory and dragging the region into a conflagration with even more calamitous consequences.”

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