Carolina Cosse launched her candidacy for president: Count on me

Carolina Cosse launched her candidacy for president: Count on me
November 17, 2023 – 20:41

The mayor of Montevideo led an event in which she confirmed that she will compete internally for the Frente Amplio.

The Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, launched his presidential candidacy for the Broad Front, when leading an event in the Cordon Club and express to the militancy: “Count on me.”

The event was scheduled for last Friday, but the department head decided to suspend it due to the death of the former vice president Danilo Astori, noting that it was “a day of pain.”

cosse has the support of more than 14 sectors of the Wide Front and announced that he will continue in his position until March, when he will resign to dedicate himself to the campaign and will leave Mauricio Zuninocurrent secretary general of Montevideo.

“We have a great program and I want to tell you that for that reason, because this program of values, I want to thank you for your patience and understanding. For me it was very important to also respect the times of the Broad Front”, expressed the brand new presidential candidate. In turn, she promised to “work to make it a reality” and expressed: “There is light at the end of the road.”

Cosse spoke of “a directionless government”

When pointing out the government, the Broad Front leader maintained that “today more than ever the people need answers with facts, not with statements, but with actions” and expressed: “This government lacks direction, it has become a specialist in pretexts.”

“It’s always someone else’s fault. Generally, of Antel Arena”, chicaneó cosse, in allusion to the criticism of the ruling party towards its management for the construction of the facility.

He asked for respect for Coalition voters

In another section of his speech, the mayor of Montevideo He referred to the problems he sees in Uruguay, as “insecurity, loss of childhood and child poverty, which is not only an economic issue, but has to do with food insecurity.”

On the other hand, he asked to “have respect” towards the ruling party voters and clarified: “Those who voted for the Coalition “They are not responsible for the failures of this government.” Finally, he spoke of maintaining “respect” for the adversary and “loyalty to our ideas and values.”

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