Good turnout at Argentine voting centers in the country

Good turnout at Argentine voting centers in the country

The six voting centers of the consulates in the Uruguay are having a good turnout in the framework of the presidential elections in the Argentina where it is defined by ballot whether the president of the neighboring country will be Sergio Massa either Javier Milei.

Argentina defines the future of its next four years in a disputed runoff between the far-right Javier Milei and the Peronist representative – and current Minister of Economy – Sergio Massa. Meanwhile, on the Uruguayan side, Argentine residents have already begun to go to the polls with good turnout, according to the Argentine embassy in Uruguay to Ambit.

In these presidential elections that are in the run-off stage, the total number of Argentines authorized to vote in Uruguay is around 18,000 and the Chancellery of the neighboring country will take charge of the organization of the electoral event.

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Argentines in Maldonado voting at the Argentine embassy in Uruguay.

Where are the voting centers for Argentines residing in Uruguay?

In the different departments, the voting centers will be in the headquarters that the Argentine Consulate has in the localities.

  • Montevideo: Argentines will be able to vote at the headquarters of the Consulate General of the Argentine Republic, located at Wilson Ferreira Aldunate 1281.
  • Cologne: The site chosen as the voting center is the headquarters of the Argentine Consulate, at Avenida General Flores 209.
  • Friar Bentos: To vote in this department, Argentines must go to the Consulate headquarters in Paraguay 3178.
  • Maldonado: Argentinians residing in Uruguay will be able to vote at the premises provided for this purpose by the Argentine Consulate in the department, which is located at Rambla Claudio Williman stop 16 y medio and Avenida del Cabildo.
  • Paysandu: In Sanducera lands, Argentines will vote at the Consulate headquarters, at Leandro Gómez 1034.
  • Leap: Here, the chosen voting center was also the headquarters of the Argentine Consulate, located at Artigas 1162.

What was the level of participation in the previous elections?

During the general elections on October 22, according to data released by the Argentine embassy in Uruguay to Ambitthey reported that, in the country’s capital, where there was the largest register of Argentines qualified to vote (14,437), the participation was 15%, showing an increase of half the turnout of 2019, when it was 10%. %.

At the authorized voting center MaldonadoMeanwhile, the highest electoral participation of this day was recorded, with 46%, that is, 1,326 people.

Meanwhile in Cologne222 Argentinian residents voted, that is, 20% of the registry and in Leap Only 8% of the 627 eligible voters did so.

With regard to the other two voting centers enabled in Uruguay, Fray Bentos (629 qualified voters) and Paysandu (927 qualified people), the participation percentage was 15 and 10 percent, respectively.

Source: Ambito

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