17 of the 24 European Championship participants have already been determined

17 of the 24 European Championship participants have already been determined
Nicolo Zaniolo has to tremble with Italy.

The 2024 European Championship will be drawn in Germany on December 2nd. Currently 17 of the 24 participants have been confirmed. There will be 21 by December 2nd – the remaining three representatives will only then qualify for the European Championship via the Nations League.

  • The fixed starters: In addition to the organizers Germany and Austria, Spain and Scotland (Group A), France and the Netherlands (Group B), England (Group C), Turkey (Group D), Albania (Group E), Belgium (Group F), Hungary and Serbia ( Group G), Denmark (Group H), Romania and Switzerland (Group I) as well as Portugal and Slovakia (Group J) are all fixed at the European Championships.
  • The shaky candidates: Eight teams are still fighting for four free places: In Group C today, a draw against Ukraine is enough for Italy to stay ahead thanks to the direct duel. Croatia is through in Group D with a win against Armenia. In the event of a draw, a win against Turkey would be enough for Wales. In Group E, a draw at home in the direct duel against the Republic of Moldova would be enough for the Czech Republic. And in Group H, Slovenia would be through with a draw in the direct duel against Kazakhstan.
  • The three Nations League tickets: It will not be clear until March who will receive the three remaining European Championship tickets through the Nations League. There will be another play-off in which the four best placed teams in leagues A, B and C will each play for one place in each league. In League A, for example, Poland is a shaky candidate who will have a second chance to qualify for the European Championship.

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