What is the view of Javier Milei and his party on Mercosur?

What is the view of Javier Milei and his party on Mercosur?
November 19, 2023 – 20:48

In the past, the elected president of Argentina was against the economic bloc, without even considering flexibility.

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The economist and deputy Javier Milei won today in the second round of the presidential elections in Argentina before the representative of the ruling party and Minister of Economy, Sergio Massaso he is the elected president of that country, but what is his view and that of his party on the Mercosur?

In the past, the now elected president of Argentina was against the South American economic bloc, which he considers a hindrance to his country’s foreign trade.

In 2021, after giving a conference in Uruguay, Milei expressed in an interview with Busqueda that, if he had power, he would “eliminate” the Mercosur. The economist specified on that occasion that, far from the Uruguayan position of asking for “flexibility” within the economic bloc, he believes that it should be suppressed.

“No flexibility as the Uruguayan government demands,” he said at that time. “Why does the government have to be regulating our commercial transactions?” She insisted, in line with what was his presentation in the presidential debate for the November 12 runoff.

That same year, but in an interview with CNN, Javier Milei commented that Argentina should go against the Mercosuras well as former US president donald trump did it with him North American Free Trade Agreement (either NAPHTHAfor its acronym in English).

“He Mercosur “It is a customs union that favors businessmen who do not want to compete and that goes against Argentine interests,” he noted at the time.

What does Diana Mondino, possible next chancellor of Argentina, think?

In the middle of the year, the economist Diana Mondinobelonging to the same political space, was less categorical on the matter by ensuring that “the Mercosur has to be revitalized”, since “neither the world nor the countries of the Mercosur have the same needs or opportunities as when the Mercosur“.

“With the European Union (EU) we could negotiate together, although it is difficult because today the countries of the Mercosur They are rather competitors,” said the economist, who is being considered as a possible new chancellor of Argentina. “We would have to achieve strength by unifying our positions, instead of competing among ourselves for the markets,” she remarked.

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