“We have a lot to work together”

“We have a lot to work together”
November 19, 2023 – 9:22 pm

The Uruguayan president congratulated his new counterpart from Argentina and advocated for “improving bilateral relations.”

President Luis Lacalle Pou congratulated the president-elect through social networks in Argentina, Javier Milei, while calling for “working together” to strengthen the bilateral relationship.

During a break from his intense schedule within the framework of the important official trip to China, which demonstrates the impact it will have for Uruguay the change of government in Argentina, Lacalle Pou expressed through X: “I greet the president-elect “Javier Milei.” And he concluded: “We have a lot to work together and to improve our bilateral relations.”

Weeks ago, after elections In general, the president had referred to the runoff and stated that his position is “let the one who does better for my country win,” while clarifying: “Whoever wins, we will sit down and talk.”

“I don’t get involved in other people’s elections, the Argentine process has not finished,” the leader of the party replied at that time. National Party during a press conference in Black river.

In that context, Lacalle Pou He maintained that he has no preference for “any option in particular,” although he quickly added: “Actually, I do have one, let whoever does the best for my country win. I don’t know which one it will be, but let it be the one who does the best for my country.” to bilateral relations with our country”.

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The government of Argentina and the future of Mercosur

Specifically when issuing on the figure of the current Economy Minister and candidate for Union for the Homeland, Sergio Massa, He went deeper: “I don’t think about elections and presidents, much less what candidates think about. Whoever wins, we will sit down and talk.”

Regarding his claims, he acknowledged that “Uruguay has an interest in at least the last 20 years of participating in the Mercosur, that some inequalities are improved and that we can freely negotiate with the rest of the world.” “Whoever fulfills that for me is the best candidate in any of the countries of the world.” Mercosur”, the president insisted.

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