Board castling at Blau-Weiß Linz: These are the new names

Board castling at Blau-Weiß Linz: These are the new names
Sargon Mikhaeel (left) remains chairman of the board at Blau-Weiß, Philipp Kaufmann (right) is leaving the board.
Image: GEPA pictures/Manfred Binder

Election day in Blau-Weiß: Tomorrow, Wednesday, FC Blau-Weiß Linz will elect a new board at the general meeting in the old Linz town hall. In the list of suggestions that has already been sent to the members of the Stahlstadtklub and which the OÖN were also able to take a look at in advance, the blue and whites surprise with two new names.

In addition to the previous board members including CEO Sargon Mikhaeel (CEO Artgroup), Gerald Wirtl (CEO Alternative Energx Concepts) and Thomas Bravo (authorized signatory), two new influential people are joining: Eveline Pupeter, owner of the senior cell phone provider “Emporia Telecom” and Johann Kalliauer , former President of the Chamber of Labor. “By including all of the association’s interest groups, we are convinced that we have found a strong management team with a broad base in business and society,” says Roland Spreizer, representative of the election committee.

Duo is eliminated

However, Roland Pedak and Philipp Kaufmann are no longer there. The duo is resigning from the board.”We started back then to build the urgently needed professional structures at our dear club, to realize the dream of our own stadium with the Donauparkstadion and to lead Blau-Weiß Linz into the 1st Bundesliga. This goal “We have achieved this and are proud and at the same time grateful that we were able to make a small contribution to this success story. Our passion for blue and white is unbroken and in the future we will always be available when the club needs our support,” say Pedak and Kaufmann quoted in the broadcast.

Both are not the only personnel departures from Blau-Weiß: the agreement with marketing expert Andreas Hofmann, who has since joined regional league team WSC/Hertha, expired in the fall. Manuel Wellmann, who was briefly managing director of the club, also left Blau-Weiß at the end of October.

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