Mayor of Vorderweißenbach will resign at the end of the year

Mayor of Vorderweißenbach will resign at the end of the year
Mayor Leopold Gartner (right) and his long-time companion Richard Barth are withdrawing from local politics in Vorderweißenbach at the end of the year.
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The market town of Vorderweißenbach is on the verge of a change of mayor: Leopold Gartner (55) is stepping down at the turn of the year after 14 years in office. His successor will be decided in the coming days. “14 years are enough, it’s time to hand the office into younger hands,” says Gartner about his upcoming political farewell. The entrepreneur has been at the helm of the Sternstein community since 2009 – and looks back on his time in office with satisfaction: “It was exciting, intense and, above all, challenging,” he says. The successful municipal merger with Schönegg was something like the “key project”. “The merger has changed a lot, our community is very different today than it was when I was elected in 2009,” says the outgoing mayor.

Successful merger

Not only has the population increased from just under 2,000 to now almost 2,00 – the economic structure has also completely changed: “We have many more jobs in the community and, thanks to the Hotel Guglwald, we are also in the top league of the Mühlviertel in terms of tourism,” says a happy person the VP politician. The positive economic development and the influx of people are also largely responsible for Leopold Gartner being able to hand over a house that is in good financial condition. “We have not only been able to keep our budget balanced over the years, but also built up reserves for important projects such as the building yard that opened a few days ago,” says the local boss.

Decision pending

Who will succeed him in this role will be decided in the coming days: “The relevant discussions are about to be concluded,” says Gartner. Together with the current mayor, long-time local councilor and municipal executive Richard Barth is also resigning after more than 25 years in office: During his term of office, he supported Gartner with his know-how as a lawyer and as a top official in the Upper Austrian office. State government as an important advisor. “Local politics has now become so complex that it is no longer possible without legal knowledge. I have always been able to rely on Richard Barth in this area – and I am particularly grateful to him for this at the end of my political path,” says the outgoing local boss to his long-time colleague Companion flowers.

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