Caretakers and their important role

Caretakers and their important role
Home care workers honored by the GWG.
Image: Jasmina Zukan

The GWG currently employs 59 caretakers, 75 caretakers and 14 temporary workers. You are the first point of contact for the tenants, which is appreciated. The latest tenant survey shows a high level of satisfaction for those caring for the property. The best values ​​would by far be those houses that are looked after by the almost 150 “helpers”.

Despite changes and other necessities over time, the GWG does not want to move away from this “service”. GWG managing director Nikolaus Stadler said at the annual works meeting, at which long-standing employees were honored, that the use of caretakers in the residential complexes will continue to be increased in the future.

“Extended arm”

This may be understandable in that the caretakers are seen as the extended arm of the property management as well as the “face” of the GWG and would therefore contribute a lot to high customer satisfaction.

They would also be important as conversation partners for the tenants. “In many cases, they are the ones who resolve small disputes between residents and thus make a valuable contribution to harmonious coexistence,” said GWG managing director Wolfgang Steiger.

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