There is a danger of repression, Mujica warned about the government of Javier Milei

There is a danger of repression, Mujica warned about the government of Javier Milei
November 21, 2023 – 12:36

“Democracies are not infinite,” warned the former Uruguayan president, who assured that “if they politicize it a little more,” Milei will be able to finish his term.

The former president of Uruguay José Mujica He referred to the future government of the elected president in Argentina, Javier Milei, and considered that in the neighboring country “there is a risk of repression” due to the “belligerent” attitude of the leader of La Libertad Avanza.

Mujica referred to the double paradox that Milei has achieved electoral victory based on the support of the former president Mauricio Macri: on the one hand, because “he belonged to the caste, but anyway…”, as he considered using the expressions that the libertarian himself uses about the political class. But also because, for the former Uruguayan president, Macri is responsible for the current situation in Argentina, which led to what he understands as a “punishment vote” by society.

“Argentina “We are always accustomed to surprising results,” the leader of the Wide Front Regarding what happened in Sunday’s elections, in which the libertarian deputy surpassed the official candidate and Minister of Economy by almost five million votes, Sergio Massa: 55.69% over 44.30%, with 99.28% of the tables scrutinized.

Asked if democracy in Argentina is at risk, Jose Mujica He did not dare to make such a decisive diagnosis, much less about a government that has not yet taken office, but he assured that “there is a danger of repression and what comes next, I don’t know.” “By tradition, the Argentine people go to the hype, to the streets and the mobilization and the response given by the government, there you know where it begins and not where it ends. That is the most dangerous thing I see,” he stated.

“Democracies are not infinite if they do not give answers to the people and that has to be a call for responsibility, that we have to take care of what we have,” he said. Regarding the future of Milei at the head of the Argentine government, Mujica He noted that “if they politicize him a little more, he will be able to finish” his mandate. “If he maintains that explosive, belligerent and aggressive attitude, anything can happen. I don’t want it,” she concluded.

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