The tourism sector expects more reservations after the elections in Argentina

The tourism sector expects more reservations after the elections in Argentina

The elections of Argentina generated uncertainty before and after, both in the neighboring country and in the Uruguaywhile giving hope to the tourism sector who hopes that the future government of Javier Milei remove restrictions that condition the arrival of Argentines to local destinations.

“Until Sunday there was a lot of uncertainty in the market. Although there were many inquiries, people wanted to postpone coming to the Uruguay until the elections to have a more accurate scenario of what was happening in Argentina“, said Javier Sena to Ambit, president of the Real Estate Chamber of Punta Del Este.

However, the president of the chamber described the reservations as having “a good pace,” mainly in Jose Ignaciothe Bar, the first lines of The Meek and The Brava, as well as in Portezuelo. “Almost everything good there is to rent has been rented,” she explained.

On the other hand, he assured that the rents of the slightly lower category apartments, which are not first line and are far from the sea, are also being rented at a good pace, but without comparison with the higher level ones.

Regarding the forecasts for this summer, Sign estimated that reserves will be a little better than last year in some tourism sectors. However, he admitted that “it is not going to be a season with many people” and that consumption will be lower than in 2018, when the pandemic had not strongly affected the tourism sector.

“People are going to come, they are going to spend less than in 2018, but at least they are coming. It is important that they come so that the services continue running, although, because of its port, there will be less money left in Uruguay,” said the president of the chamber.

The election effect in Argentina

Sena assured that the result of the elections provided some certainty to Argentine tourists who had planned to vacation in the Uruguay. “That uncertainty that existed prior to the elections was revealed and there are people very excited to come and spend their holidays in Uruguay, specially in Punta del Este”, he assured.

With this, he explained that until Saturday a level of uncertainty was perceived in Argentina, but marked by many intentions to cross the Silver river to spend a summer on the Uruguayan beaches.

“I think Argentina opted for a change and that change is favorable for Uruguay, not only on political issues, but also, apparently, the restrictions of the Argentina They will be removed,” remarked the president of the chamber.

Source: Ambito

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