Lacalle Pou valued “free trade” and warned that “protectionism is restricting freedom

Lacalle Pou valued “free trade” and warned that “protectionism is restricting freedom
November 21, 2023 – 15:39

The president highlighted the bilateral relationship with China, within the framework of his key tour of the Asian giant.

President Luis Lacalle Pou He spoke out in favor of “free trade” and assured that “protectionism is restricting freedom,” when expressing himself within the framework of his agenda for the official mission that he heads in China, where the government hopes to close several agreements.

The president insisted on strengthening the bilateral relationship and maintained that on the trip, which will have a summit tomorrow with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, The expectation is to sign agreements linked to the trade of raw Materials, but also others “linked to cooperating in the innovation”.

Lacalle Pou He spoke this way at the opening of the Commercial Cooperation Seminar between Uruguay and China, which was organized by the China Business Chamber (CCPIT). “It was clear to me when the government began that he could not finish the mandate without coming to China. “Not for a commercial issue, but for a state issue,” the president began his speech.

The head of state reviewed that “all presidents in the last 35 years have come to China” and highlighted the historical dimension of the 35 years of diplomatic relations by pointing out: “Among us there are surely people who participated in the first meetings and did not even remotely dream of this link, despite being the most distant capitals in the world.”

Embed – Lacalle Pou spoke at a trade cooperation seminar between Uruguay and China

Free trade and the signing of agreements

Lacalle Pou He valued the idea of ​​”strengthening exchanges and communication at all levels and in all areas” and assured that “free trade is freedom”, while contrasting that “protectionism is restricting freedom.”

In this sense, he referred to the historical position of the country. “Uruguay Luckily it has not changed,” he boasted and maintained that “perhaps in principle more out of necessity than decision,” but he warned: “Now the two things come together: necessity and decision.”

Finally, the president anticipated that “the agreements that we are going to sign are many and they are good” and pointed out that “some are specific and with the sole signature a certain possibility of trade in raw materials opens up.” However, he highlighted that “others are already more linked to cooperating in innovation.”

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