This is how much it costs to ski in Upper Austria this year

This is how much it costs to ski in Upper Austria this year
The joy may be somewhat dampened this year: skiing is becoming noticeably more expensive.
Image: OÖTourismus

Skiing is increasingly becoming an exclusive sport. Even before the start of the season, the Chamber of Labor raised the new ticket prices in the Upper Austrian ski areas. The price depends, among other things, on the number and length of the slopes. Smaller ski areas therefore offer even cheaper prices.

The AK collected the day and four-hour tickets for adults, children, young people and seniors as well as the lift costs for a family with 2 children for one day. The conclusion: The day ticket for adults is on average 8 percent more expensive compared to the previous year. And a family of four with two children (10 and 12 years old) pays four percent more for a day of skiing without meals.

No senior card on Wurzeralm and Höss

Adults pay 42 euros for a day ticket at Sternstein (slope length: 5 kilometers), children pay 26 euros, young people pay 39 euros and seniors have to spend 40 euros. In the Dachstein-West ski area (slopes with a total length of 45 kilometers) you charge 59.50 euros per day for adults, 31 euros for children, 42.80 euros for young people and 56.50 euros for seniors. Amazing: There are no senior citizen tickets in the Wurzeralm and Hinterstoder-Höss ski areas.

A family ski day with two adults and two children (10 and 12 years old) costs between 136 euros on the Sternstein and 172 euros in the Hinterstoder-Höss area. After all, a price difference of 36 euros. A tip: Family discounts and free travel for children are granted in almost all ski areas upon presentation of the Upper Austrian family card.

Kasberg, Sternstein, Wurzeralm, Russbach and Feuerkogel also offer piste goers the opportunity to use the existing infrastructure such as parking spaces and groomed pistes. At Kasberg the daily fee is 10 euros, in Russbach and Sternstein the daily fee is twelve euros and at the Wurzeralm you pay 15 euros. At Feuerkogel, ski tourers can even use the slopes free of charge. The operating times during the day are based on the opening times of the lifts. At Kasberg and Wurzeralm there is also the opportunity to climb up or down the slopes in the evening on certain days.

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