New online specialist language course “Learn German for nursing”

New online specialist language course “Learn German for nursing”
Migrants in particular should be encouraged to take up the nursing profession

The background is demographic change: in Upper Austria alone, the number of people in need of care will increase by 45 percent to 107,000 people by 2040.

Accordingly, additional nursing staff is required. Nationwide, the need for new employees in geriatric care is expected to increase by around 1,500 by 2030. This gap should increasingly be closed with migrants, said Integration Minister Susanne Raab and State Councilor for Social Affairs Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer (both VP) at a joint press event in Linz. Migrant communities in particular should be addressed even better in the future.

Due to the high demand for German language support offers in the areas of nursing and personal care, the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) will be offering a new online course format with the focus on “Learning German for nursing” from the end of November. This is primarily aimed at people who are already or will be working in nursing and who are independently improving their specialist German skills.

With regard to the general shortage of skilled workers, which affects several sectors in addition to nursing, Minister Raab said: “With nursing staff, we also have the specific situation that very good technical language skills are essential for everyday working life and dialogue with patients. “The new online specialist language courses are “just one of many offers, how we want to counteract the shortage of skilled workers from an integration perspective and bring more skilled workers to Austria and get them into the jobs.”

For State Councilor Hattmannsdorfer, the new course format represents “flexible and practice-oriented support so that nursing staff whose mother tongue is not German can quickly improve their German skills. “Communication is even more important, especially in nursing,” he said.

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