The drought, the exchange rate difference and the pandemic cost the country US$4.1M, said Lacalle Pou

The drought, the exchange rate difference and the pandemic cost the country US$4.1M, said Lacalle Pou

President Luis Lacalle Pou He assured that his government sought to generate “trust and social cohesion”, when expressing himself during his presentation within the framework of the annual dinner of the Development Studies Center (CED), in what he considered “two vital concepts” for management, while stating that the drought, the exchange difference with Argentina, The war and the pandemic cost the country 4,144 million dollars.

The president began his speech by thanking the CED pointing out that “a think tank with liberal ideas was necessary, to defend them with conviction and listen to other points of view” and recalled: “This is probably the last time I will be here, because next year it will be very important to listen to the candidates.”

The president assured that the government earned trust “over time” and recalled that, after winning by a narrow margin, it had “a political correlation,” highlighting the dialogue with the 5 parties of the Multicolor Coalition and the dialogue in Parliament.

“Everything indicated that the coalition had to be as broad as possible, so that people could move with a certain freedom so that these nuances would be left aside when fulfilling the commitment for the country,” he stated and recalled that “this coalition “He was born with the death certificate signed.”

“One forgets things, but it was said since we were not able to start the government, then to form the Executive Branch, after that the LUC, a budget and I could continue until the last accounts, passing through the social security reform, “It was the moment in which the coalition’s bond was stretched the most,” he said. Lacalle Pou.

Social cohesion

On the other hand, the president highlighted “the social cohesion” and he said that “freedom is often valued when we feel its absence,” so he noted: “When we see countries that have lost social cohesion, we have to quickly look in the mirror and work daily.”

“The democracy it is not only in the Parliament and in dialogue with other political parties. It’s at the bowling alley, at work, at a family gathering,” said the nationalist leader and maintained that “a horrible country would be where they say ‘luckily in my house we don’t even talk about football or politics anymore.’ It makes me very sad that in a house to be in peace you cannot talk, that intangible is vital and political leaders have a key role.”

In that sense, he reiterated the mantra of being “firm with ideas and soft with people”, while, facing the elections next year, shared the idea of ​​“that society continues to choose wisely in each election.” “A friend says it and I don’t know if I agree, but it is a good concept of the wisdom and civility of our society when it comes to choosing,” he concluded.

Management milestones

In another section of his speech, Lacalle Pou assured that “the drought, the exchange difference with Argentina, The war and the pandemic cost 4,144 million dollars to Uruguay”, pointing out that this figure is reached “between expenditures, tax exemptions and what was not received from the sale of agricultural products, that is the spread between what we spent and what was not received.”

“We have excuses. Not only did we not put in, but the figures are positive. The negative ones sell more, but I insist on these data,” the president stuck out his chest and reviewed positive data on labor and job growth. real salary.

On the other hand, he recalled the actions during the pandemic and maintained: “We never used it as an excuse. We didn’t say ‘ah but the pandemic’. “A large part of the transcendental decisions marked us and created the situation we are currently experiencing.”

From that time, he highlighted the idea of ​​keeping “the engines of the economy on” and reviewed: “That is a phrase from Lily (Arbeleche) which summed up what the government believed and wanted. “Do not turn off the key to the economy.”

At the same time, he valued the “non-increase in taxes, which now seems like a simple thing, but go to any news program of the time and the initiative was the Universal Basic Income on the one hand and charge taxes with a string of proposals in this regard,” while highlighting the refusal to establish a mandatory quarantine.

The LUC and the social security reform

In terms of milestones, he also valued the LUC, which he described as “the most discussed and transparent law of the last years of government”, but also highlighted “the educational transformation” and highlighted that “today the dropout levels have decreased, which had not happened for a long time.”

In turn, he dedicated a paragraph to the social security reform. “The majority thought that there was not going to be a law,” he highlighted and recalled a semi-private meeting with the former president. Julio Sanguinetti, the minister Pablo Mieres, Pablo Iturralde and other party leaders. “Sanguinetti He said: ‘President, what do you want?’ I told him to present a project and that the Parliament approve the law,” he said.

Besides, Lacalle Pou criticized the current initiative of the PIT-CNT and part of Broad Front. “Those who propose the plebiscite today did not contribute an idea there or later,” he stated.

And he stated: “Uruguay Everyone has to know what they intend to do if we citizens give them the possibility. It’s not a plebiscite, no, yes, that’s easy. I want them to tell the new generations what they are going to do with the reform that this government courageously approved.”

Embed – CED 2023 Dinner with President Luis Lacalle Pou

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