Hamas announced that the 10-month-old Argentine baby is dead

Hamas announced that the 10-month-old Argentine baby is dead
November 30, 2023 – 00:00

Dramatic. Kfir Bibas, 10 months old, was the youngest hostage who had been kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist group. The announcement of his death caused shock worldwide.

The Hamas terrorist movement announced yesterday the death of the 10-month-old Argentine baby, his brother and his mother, who had been kidnapped on October 7 during the terrorist attack in Israeli territory and blamed the event on an Israeli bombing of the Strip. of Gaza that occurred before the start of the truce.

The Ezzedin Al Qasam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, announced that “three detainees have died as a result of Zionist bombings carried out previously in the Gaza Strip.”

The fatalities were identified as Sherry Silverman Bibas, Kfir Bibas, 10 months old, and Ariel Bibas, four years old, according to information from the Palestinian newspaper Filastin, linked to Hamas.

The Israeli Army, for its part, said it is investigating the veracity of the information released by the Palestinian group, which it blamed for the safety of the hostages it holds in the Gaza Strip.

“The Hamas terrorist organization continues to act in a cruel and inhuman manner,” said the force, which said it had contacted relatives of the Bibas to inform them of the publication and “they accompany them at this time.”

“Hamas endangers hostages, including nine children. Hamas is demanded to immediately return them to Israel,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement, replicated by the Times of Israel newspaper.

On Monday, the IDF had reported that the Bibas family, including also Father Yarden, about whom there is no information, was kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz during the attack on October 7.

The force also indicated that all of them would have subsequently been handed over to “another Palestinian terrorist group” in Gaza, without giving further details.

Hamas has already released a dozen people with Argentine nationality from the twenty it captured, within the framework of the truce that, in principle, ended yesterday.

International mediators yesterday sought to extend the truce, so that the Islamist movement releases more hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners and a greater respite from the Israeli air and ground offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Source: Ambito

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