Three friends and their mission to give teaching a new meaning

Three friends and their mission to give teaching a new meaning
The friends Fabian Doppler, Mario Derntl and Christoph Shawa from Talents & Company with their mentor Florian Gschwandtner (from left)
Image: Filip Kufner

They had already fought side by side in the student council for the concerns of their generation. Back then they did it on a voluntary basis. Now the three friends Mario Derntl, Fabian Doppler and Christoph Shawa are in the process of giving teaching a new status with the company “Talents & Company”, founded three months ago in Linz. At your side is a man who you can trust to have a good nose for successful business ideas: Florian Gschwandtner is a mentor and investor at “Talents & Company” – out of conviction, as he said.

“It’s about believing in people,” said Derntl – together with Doppler, managing director of the start-up and, according to his partner, the “face to the outside world and the bearer of our vision” – on Tuesday evening at the company’s presentation in the Sparkasse Startrampe in the Tobacco factory. Here, the three of them have recently worked a lot on their idea, with the support of the launch pad, which essentially has two pillars – a consulting solution and a software solution.

The aim is to get young people excited about apprenticeships, to get them out of the perceived second-class status in society and to find companies that are interested in not only training young people, but also in keeping them in the company. According to Doppler, this requires appreciative training, which should then lead to a stronger bond with the company. To do this, you have to know what criteria young people value in a company.

For this reason, “Talents & Company” not only uses digital possibilities including artificial intelligence to obtain answers, but also conducts detailed discussions with the young people “in the good old fashion”. They form the basis for the necessary knowledge on the part of potential apprentices in order to get them to the right career for them.

At the same time, discussions with stakeholders and company HR managers provide a picture of how a career can be made attractive to young people. “If young people can say after their apprenticeship that they are happy with their job and that the work is meaningful for them, then we are very close to our goal,” says Doppler.

Tailored strategies

Training Innovations GmbH, which the young company sees itself as, wants to increase the quality of apprentice training, offers tools to find weak points and works with those responsible at the company to develop tailor-made strategies for the best possible training of apprentices. Especially in the digital age, it’s about where a company can reach young people for an apprenticeship.

The trio already has satisfied customers with companies such as Fill, Thalia, Energie AG and Teufelberger as well as the state of Upper Austria.

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