Heber asked that senators from the Frente Amplio swallow their words about Katoen Natie

Heber asked that senators from the Frente Amplio swallow their words about Katoen Natie
November 30, 2023 – 17:50

After the Prosecutor’s Office filed the case for the extension of the concession to the Belgian company in the Port of Montevideo.

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The former and current Minister of the Interior Senator of the National Party (PN), Luis Alberto Heberasked that the senators of the Frente Amplio (FA), Charles Carrera and Mario Bergarathey “swallow their words” after the Attorney General’s Office archive for the second time the investigation file for the extension of the concession of the container terminal of the Port of Montevideo to the Belgian multinational Katoen Natie until the year 2081.

The nationalist legislator made these statements this Thursday at a press conference together with the pro-secretary of the Presidency, Rodrigo Ferres; the president of the National Ports Administration (ANP); Juan Curbelo; and the Undersecretary of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP), Juan José Olaizola; who were also targeted by the complaints.

“For two years and two months, the complainant senators from the FA blackballed our names, the four of us, (saying) that we had committed abuse of office and fraud,” he began by commenting. Heberwho added emphatically: “We were declared innocent twice in the Prosecutor’s Office.”

Immediately afterwards, the former Minister of the Interior and MTOP read the sentences of the two prosecutors who closed the case, Gilberto Rodriguez and Silvia Porteiro: “(The prosecutor) Rodriguez says that no crime has been committed and particularly the unnamed abuse of functions, (the prosecutor) Porteiro that what the pre-opinion prosecutor says is shared”.

“The agreement was convenient to avoid a $1.5 billion trial”

The white leader added that these sentences demonstrated that they acted “well” at that time, and that what was done was “convenient” for the country, after “avoiding a trial of 1.5 billion dollars” and that it also generated “a paralysis of investments in the port.” “Today we have an investment commitment of more than 650 million dollars, with what it implies in work and labor,” he pointed out in this regard.

Heber He went further and said: “There is no crime, it was filed, we are innocent and we hope that those who generated this infamy swallow the words that insulted our honor,” which “was not sullied because we did not take home any of these accusations,” he said, annoyed.

About Careerwho once again insisted that the country “lost sovereignty” following the agreement with the multinational, Heber He expressed that the Frente Amplista “does not have moral authority”, that “he lied” and that “he led his political force to have this setback.”

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