Fuel prices drop: how much will they cost in December?

Fuel prices drop: how much will they cost in December?
November 30, 2023 – 19:13

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining defined a decrease in values ​​that will take effect this Friday.

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He Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) defined a drop in the prices of fuels for December, in line with what was suggested by the Import Parity Prices (PPI) that prepares the Ursea.

In this way, after the freezing of values ​​that the government decided last month, after three consecutive increases and in the midst of the technical stoppage at the refinery The Tile, which reduces the margin of Ancap, prices resume the downward path that had prevailed in the first half of the year.

As confirmed by MIEM, the Super 95 gasoline will drop 2 pesos and will cost 75.54 pesos as the maximum retail price, while the Diesel 50S It will be 57.39 pesos per liter as the maximum price at the pump, also with a reduction of 2 pesos.

Meanwhile, the supergas will maintain its price “because a significant gap still persists with respect to the PPI, which is absorbed by Ancap”, They indicated from the wallet that he drives Elisa Facio and indicated that the new prices will take effect starting this Friday.

International variables and the Ancap stop

From the Executive power warned that they will continue monitoring the evolution of international energy variables, “with the commitment to safeguard economic activity and the purchasing power of Uruguayan households,” at a time when the price of Petroleum can be volatile, due to war in Middle East between Israel and Hamas.

Added to this is the refinery maintenance stoppage. The Tile, that after an agreement between Ancap and the union will be active again on March 20 of next year, three months later than planned by the state company.

This scenario reduced the margin of Ancap to intervene in prices, by not having the profits from refining and accumulating more expenses from the import of oil and its derivatives.

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