Too hot: Company recalls “Hot Chip Challenge”.

Too hot: Company recalls “Hot Chip Challenge”.
Too spicy: Hot Chip Challenge is recalled.
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A spokesman for the manufacturing company based in the east of the Czech Republic announced in mid-November that the product would no longer be delivered to Germany. After incidents, emergency medical calls and food warnings, the product is no longer allowed to be sold in Baden-Württemberg.

The “Hot Chip Challenge” packaging in the shape of a coffin contains a single extremely hot tortilla chip – as well as latex gloves to touch. Because of their spiciness, “Hot Chips” are a phenomenon, especially on the Internet, that is spreading through videos on social media. The product is advertised as a “challenge for the bravest”. Thanks to a special blend of spices, these are the hottest chips in the world.

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The “challenge” announced by the manufacturers includes eating the whole chip (“Don’t say we didn’t warn you”), filming the consumption and reaction, sharing it on social media and nominating friends to do the same .

KC Trading’s statement on Friday stated that it had been determined that the capsaicin content was too high and was classified as a health hazard. The substance capsaicin is responsible for the spiciness you feel when eating chilies. It can also be used medicinally.

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