Carolina Cosse announced that it will invest US$50M to prevent new floods in Montevideo

Carolina Cosse announced that it will invest US$50M to prevent new floods in Montevideo
December 1, 2023 – 21:14

The mayor referred to the problems caused by the rainfall and warned that “climate change” generates these types of situations.

The Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, announced that it will invest more than 50 million dollars in projects to mitigate floods, after the intense rains of the last few hours that caused problems in the capital.

In the same line, cosse He assured that it was “a rain of more than 100 millimeters” and warned that the situation “is due to climate change.” Then, the presidential candidate for Wide Front compared: “It’s like throwing a bucket of water into the bathroom sink.”

With the aim of advancing in the prevention of future rains, he anticipated that the Montevideo Municipality It will carry out works in flood-prone areas, such as low areas or areas through which an old stream passed, piped with the technology available at the time.

At a press conference, cosse He specified that at the intersection of Rondeau and La Paz, the initiative involves 23 million dollars and another 7 million for road works. Furthermore, on José L. Bado Street, in Wells, Another project will advance in a low area of ​​an old stream poorly piped in the last century, which requires 20 million dollars.

The mayor pointed out that both projects need the approval of the national government and the vote of the corresponding majority in the Departmental Board, to obtain loans from multilateral credit organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank wave CAF.

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Cosse referred to the role of climate change

When referring to the floods and problems caused by the rains in recent hours, cosse He assured that “the phenomenon is a rain of more than 100 millimeters”, which he described as equivalent to what it rains for an entire month, while he stated: “Before it happened every 20, 50 or 100 years, the fact that it is repeated so much is due to the climate change”.

What’s going on? It’s like throwing a bucket of water into the bathroom sink. The sink is ready when you turn on the tap, but when you throw a bucket it takes a while to drain,” compared the department head, while highlighting the action protocol in 300 critical points of Montevideo.

“Preventive cleaning has been carried out, although it is up to the municipalities, but the mayor took it and at those points we have not had problems,” he highlighted and valued that since last January 17, 150 thousand tons of waste were removed from courses of water.

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