Álvaro Delgado criticized Carolina Cose for her statements about the floods in Montevideo

Álvaro Delgado criticized Carolina Cose for her statements about the floods in Montevideo

The secretary of Presidency and pre-candidate for next year’s elections, Alvaro Delgadocrossed to Carolina Cossemayor of Montevideo and also a presidential candidate for her statements regarding the floods that the country’s capital suffered last Friday.

At a press conference, the secretary of Presidency harshly criticized the mayor’s award of Montevideo to the climate change regarding the floods in the country’s capital. “We have to be consistent and responsible, the same as when the dry season came in the summer who said it was a lack of foresight on the part of the government and especially the winter that was unparalleled,” stated Delgado.

“They also said that there was no forecast when the work was done that helped “The basin of St. Lucia that was running out of water and the project that will solve it in the future as it is Arazati. “Instead of saying this had to do with climate change, they said it was the government’s fault,” he added.

Meanwhile, although he assured that the flood was “embarrassing in some areas of Montevideo”, will not be fully attributed to departmental management. “I am not going to be so frivolous nor am I going to be so utilitarian in electoral matters to attribute the flood to the Municipality,” stated Delgado.

However, he assured that he could blame the management since the Wide Front He has been in the government of Montevideo for 35 years. That there were also works in Montevideo What were not done in this time? Have no doubts,” questioned the Secretary of the Presidency, although he admitted that “so much rain in a short time overflows any drainage system.”

Cosse’s sayings about floods

The mayor of Montevideo and pre-candidate for the presidency of Uruguay for him Frente Amplio, Carolina Cosse, pointed out that the heavy rains on Friday that flooded much of the capital were due to the “climate change”.

“The phenomenon that happened today in some parts of Montevideo is a rain of more than 100 millimeters. This is due to climate change. What’s going on? It’s like throwing a bucket of water into the bathroom sink. The sink is ready when you turn on the tap, but when you throw a bucket delay in draining“Cosse explained at a press conference.

Likewise, the mayor indicated that the Municipality put together a protocol to “prevent”, through which 300 critical points in Montevideo. “Preventive cleaning has been done, although it is up to the municipalities, but the mayor took it over and we have had no problems at those points,” he stated.

During the rains, the departmental government received 238 requests through the number designated for this, and according to Cosse, “more than half” have already been attended to. “Of these requests, only 40 are from storm drains. The problem is of another dimension, it rains in an hour what it rains in a month,” he said, insisting on climatic phenomena as the main explanation for the floods.

Investments of 50 million dollars

With the aim of advancing in the prevention of future rains, he anticipated that the Montevideo Municipality It will carry out works in flood-prone areas, such as low areas or areas through which an old stream passed, piped with the technology available at the time.

At a press conference, cosse He specified that at the intersection of Rondeau and La Paz, the initiative involves 23 million dollars and another 7 million for road works. Furthermore, on José L. Bado Street, in Wells, Another project will advance in a low area of ​​an old stream poorly piped in the last century, which requires 20 million dollars.

The mayor pointed out that both projects need the approval of the national government and the vote of the corresponding majority in the Departmental Board, to obtain loans from multilateral credit organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank wave CAF.

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