Weather outlook: The snow will remain in Upper Austria

Weather outlook: The snow will remain in Upper Austria
Large amounts of snow fell, particularly in Braunau, over the weekend and will remain there for the foreseeable future.
Image: Daniel Scharinger

The whole of Upper Austria disappeared under a blanket of white at the weekend. It will stay that way next week, says meteorologist Claudia Riedl from Geosphere Austria: “It may rain lightly in isolated cases, but it won’t affect the thick blanket of snow.”

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The night up Monday stays clear at temperatures down to -14 degrees. The start of the week is correspondingly frosty with a maximum of -1 degrees. In the southern mountains it will be slightly foehn, where milder air at higher altitudes between 1000 and 1500 meters could bring temperatures slightly above freezing. High, dense cloud fields hardly allow any sun through, but it remains dry.

Light rain on Tuesday

At the Tuesday morning It is only occasionally sunny, in the afternoon a bad weather front crosses Upper Austria. At the beginning it can rain lightly up to 1000 meters, but the snow line drops relatively quickly down to lower altitudes. “The snow cover doesn’t care about the rain, it can handle it,” says Riedl. Large masses of snow are not expected, “a few centimeters will be added,” says the meteorologist.

The Wednesday It starts off cloudy, with occasional snow and a few drops of rain at particularly low altitudes. As the day progresses it will snow more heavily again, a few centimeters are expected again. There is a moderate westerly wind with peaks of around 30 km/h, the maximum values ​​are around freezing point.

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It starts out cloudy Thursday, but in the afternoon at the latest the sun breaks through in many places. It will continue to be sunny on Friday, although fog or high fog could form in places in the lowlands. “The weather situation at the weekend is currently unclear, our models are currently showing 17 different variants,” says Riedl.

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