Herrerismo will renew its authorities this Sunday

Herrerismo will renew its authorities this Sunday

This Sunday morning began the Blacksmith Congress where there will be a renewal of authorities, at the same time there will also be another from List 71 of Laura Raffo where the candidate will close with a speech.

The Herrerismo Congress will be held with the objective of renewing the new authorities. Among them is the new presidency and the position of General secretary. The event will begin with a political report and the reading of the Declaration of the new authorities.

After the first stage, there will be a speech by the outgoing president of the sector, Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera. Later, the new president of Herrerismo, Luis Alberto Heber, He will also give a few words. Finally, the pre-candidate for the National Party, Laura Raffo, will close the event.


Raffo’s last alliance

The presidential candidate for the National Party, Laura Raffo, confirmed the alliance with the former prosecutor, Gabriela Fossatiwho knowswill be incorporated into the political space from the economist “Sumar”, through National Alliance.

This Thursday, at the headquarters of Raffo’s Sumar space, the candidate announced the alliance with the former prosecutor ahead of next year’s presidential elections. “The doctor Gabriela Fossati has decided to dedicate himself to politics and, through an agreement with National Alliance, Today she joins our political movement: Sumar,” said the pre-candidate in a press conference in which she participated Ambit.

Raffo highlighted Fossati’s career and assured that this experience in public service It is what led her to join politics. “We both share the same values ​​such as the defense of freedom, the strengthening of the institutions and that of ours democracy and we both believe that policy is the tool for transform people’s lives,” remarked the candidate.

In that sense, the former prosecutor assured that she will incorporate the recent political movement inaugurated by Raffo and stressed that she will participate in his technical, political and territorial team. “It is a joy that a women With this trajectory, courage and drive, I will begin to be part of the Sumar movement,” he concluded.

For her part, the former prosecutor, who was also present at the press conference, spoke about her vocation in public and how the policy She went through your youngest stage, an enthusiasm that she had to put aside when she served as judge and prosecutor of the Republic.

“When I left the prosecutor’s office “They asked me what I thought and I took a month to think about it,” explained the former prosecutor regarding her resignation from the prosecutor’s office at the beginning of September. Fossati assured that his enthusiasm for politics returned to him as when he was young and active in the sector. Wilsonist of the National Party.

Source: Ambito

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