Lacalle Herrera assured that the country entered a third Herrera stage

Lacalle Herrera assured that the country entered a third Herrera stage
December 3, 2023 – 16:32

The former president of the Republic valued the role of the National Party as head of the Multicolor Coalition and its renewed “vocation for power.”

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He former president of the Republic, Luis Alberto Lacalle de Herreraassured that the country entered “a third Herrera stage” after what was the triumph of the Multicolor Coalition in the 2019 general elections, and positively valued the role of the National Party (PN) as head of the government alliance, as well as his renewed “vocation for power.”

Within the framework of the Herrerism Congress, held this Sunday in Montevideo to renew the space authorities, the former president and outgoing president of the sector, who will be succeeded by the former Minister of the Interior and current senator Luis Alberto HeberI affirm that Uruguay entered the third Herrero stage of its history.

Lacalle Herreramaintained that “the most important thing that was achieved is to recover that the party has a vocation for power”, since for many years the PN remained locked in “internal discussions due to the impossibility that it seemed to come to power”, in reference to the historical hegemony. of governments of Colorado Party (PC)and once the 21st century entered, Broad Front (FA).

About his son, the current one President Luis Lacalle Poustated that, unequivocally, he is “a Herrero ruler”, something that sparked applause from the supporters present there.

Likewise, he expressed that his grandfather, nationalist leader Luis Alberto de Herrerasynthesized “contact with popular causes”, as well as an “inclusive nationalism” and a “nationalism from here, from this country.”

“I will remember as the greatest honor of my life having revived blacksmithism, having blown on those embers so that a flame was reborn that is an honor to the country,” he emphasized. Lacalle Herrerawho closed his speech saying: “We are not anecdotes, we are history.”

Herrerism is a “cornerstone” of the current government, according to Laura Raffo

The economist and presidential candidate for the PN, Laura Raffopointed out that Herrerismo is a “cornerstone” within the current coalition government.

In turn, he pointed out that Uruguay is currently facing changes in the labor market, so a union between “what we always did” and “the innovation industry” must be promoted together.

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