Río Negro is the department with the highest unemployment in the country

Río Negro is the department with the highest unemployment in the country

The exchange difference with the Argentina continues to hit job creation on the country’s coast, so much so that Black river is the department that registers the higher unemployment in it Uruguay.

According to the technical bulletin on the Labor Market by geographical area of ​​residence prepared by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), corresponding to the moving quarter August-October 2023, the unemployment rate In Río Negro it reaches 12.7% of the population, affecting about 4,000 people.

For its part, the percentage of those not registered with social security is 28.3% at the departmental level, when the total assets amount to 31,700 Rio Negro residents and the number of employees amounts to 27,000.

Likewise, the department has an estimated activity rate of 67.5%, and an employment rate close to 58.9% among Rio Negro citizens.

Unemployment on the coast continues to be high

In matters of unemploymentRío Negro is followed by Artigas and Peach, with 12.5% ​​and 11.8%. As for the coastal departments that share international bridges with Argentina, the lack of employment reached 11.4% of the population of Leapand 10.4% of that of Paysandu.

Regarding the departments with the most population in the country, Montevideo and cannellonithe unemployment rate was 7.9% and 8.5%, respectively. The lack of employment in the country’s capital affects about 58,200 people; while the capital municipality with higher unemployment rate was the Municipality Fwith 11.9%.

The podium of departments with the least unemployment is headed by Cologne with 4.4% of its inhabitants, followed by Florida with 6.1%, and by Flowerswith 6.5%.

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