two Intelligence detainees for leaking secret information to the US

two Intelligence detainees for leaking secret information to the US
December 4, 2023 – 17:21

Two agents from the National Intelligence Center (CNI) were arrested for leaking information reserved to the United States.

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Two agents of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) were arrested for allegedly revealing secrets by having leaked information reserved for USA. The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, stated that a judge in Madrid had opened an investigation into the matter.

The two detainees of the National Intelligence Center

The CNI officials are being investigated for revelation of secretsalthough the facts could also constitute an aggravated version of that crime, such as treason by espionage for a foreign power, for “seeking or revealing information classified as confidential or secret” to a third country. The procedure is in the hands of a judge from Plaza de Castilla, according to reports The confidential.

The center periodically controls classified information, and it was between the months of September and October that it was discovered that two agents were leaking documentation to the United States. They both entered to provisional prisonbut one of them has already been released with precautionary measures.

The information was initially disclosed by the aforementioned newspaper, where in an article it states that the proceedings will be carried out “with the utmost confidentiality,” explained sources close to the case, which has “caused a crisis with Washington,” although the government of Pedro Sánchez He has tried not to let it transcend.

What they said from the National Department of Security

He Department of Homeland Security (DSN) reported in its latest annual report that the presence of foreign intelligence services “has remained more or less stable compared to previous periods.”

“Monitoring espionage and interference activities against Spanish interests is the main priority of the CNI. The objective of the Spanish Intelligence Service is to prevent Hostile actions of third States that may alter the political, social and economic stability of Spain, as well as sovereignty and territorial integrity,” this report details.

What is striking about this case is that it lies in the destination of the leak, since the US has been a country allied to Spain, both within the framework of the NATO, as in bilateral relations.

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