No tax evasion: acquittal for Karl-Heinz Grasser

No tax evasion: acquittal for Karl-Heinz Grasser
Grasser in court in 2019.

Former Finance Minister Karl-Heinz Grasser (FPÖ/ÖVP) has now been legally acquitted of tax evasion charges. The Supreme Court (OGH) rejected an annulment complaint from the financial criminal authority with which it wanted to fight the acquittal of the Vienna Regional Criminal Court in July 2022. Grasser’s co-accused, former tax advisor, was also acquitted, as the “Presse” and the “Standard” (Weekend) reported.

Grasser was accused of not declaring almost 4.4 million euros in fees that he received for sales services for Meinl Bank Antigua in his tax return. The accusation is off the table with the acquittal.

The process for privatizing the federal housing companies around Buwog has not yet been legally completed. Grasser was sentenced in the first instance to eight years in prison in December 2020. His lawyers filed an appeal and an appeal for annulment, but the Supreme Court has not yet made a decision. Grasser denies all allegations – he and the other defendants are presumed innocent.

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