Vladimir Putin announced that he will run in the Russian presidential elections

Vladimir Putin announced that he will run in the Russian presidential elections

Vladimir Putin announced this Friday on the sidelines of a ceremony that will run again for office in the presidential elections of March 2024. After an awards event for military personnel in the Kremlin, Putin informed Lieutenant Colonel Artyom Zhoga, a Russian army officer, of his decision to run in the upcoming elections.

During a decoration to several soldiers who fought in Ukraine within the framework of the Day of Heroes of the Homeland, the russian president was consulted about his presence in the next elections. Given this, Putin would have nodded, although the official confirmation of his candidacy is expected to take place next December 14th during the annual press conference and the Direct Line with citizens.

In this way, if he achieves re-election, the head of the Kremlin would achieve his fifth term at the head of the government since 2000. He would lead the government for six more years, that is, until 2030.


Vladimir Putin will run in Russia’s presidential election in March 2024.

Russia’s Central Election Commission reported on Friday that the elections would be held for the first time over three days, from March 15 to 17.

How the opposition reacted to the announcement of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin, who received the presidency from Boris Yeltsin on the last day of 1999, He has been president longer than any other ruler of Russia since Josef Stalin, even surpassing the 18 years of Leonid Brezhnev’s rule. In this way, for the president of Russia the elections are a formality, since he has the support of the State, the media and almost no dissent.

However, opposition politicians say the elections are an embellishment of what they consider the corrupt dictatorship of Putin’s Russia. For their part, the president’s supporters reject the analysis and refer to surveys that ensure an approval rating of over 80%.

They also claim that Vladimir Putin has restored order and some of the influence that Russia lost during the chaos of the Soviet collapse.

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Vladimir Putin will seek to stay in power until 2030.

Vladimir Putin will seek to stay in power until 2030.


They asked for Putin’s presence in the Russian presidential elections

With opposition politician Alexei Navalny in a penal colony and other critics abroad following a sustained crackdown against them, Putin faces no serious political competition at home.

When asked about the results of a survey conducted by a state-backed pollster that indicated that 70% of those interviewed stated that Putin should run for another termKremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said:

“Putin will announce it (his decision) when he considers it appropriate and opportune. It will be entirely his decision. He has always had the support of the people in his work. His main interest is to improve the well-being and standard of living of our people,” he pointed.

Peskov added that Russians from across the country and of different ages had been in touch ahead of Putin’s question-and-answer session with the public next week to express their support. “Many people are asking Putin to run for office and remain head of state., declaring his full support. This is remarkable,” Peskov said.

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