Interdepartmental buses stop for 24 hours

Interdepartmental buses stop for 24 hours

The interdepartmental buses of Uruguay make a unemployment 24 hours this Friday, while the National Union of Workers and Transport Workers (Unott) analyzes new measures that may include a total stoppage in transport.

As a forceful measure to demand the dismissal of four workers in Central Agency, Unott carries out a strike that will last throughout the day and that has already impacted a 15% decrease in trips to the bus terminal at the end of Three Crosses of Montevideocompared to the operation of a usual Friday.

In this regard, the leader of the Unott Juan Arellano told Underrayado that although there is no emergency service, there may be owners or workers not affiliated with the union who provide service to passengers. Reason that explains why the interdepartmental bus service has not been completely interrupted.

For his part, the head of the Tres Cruces control tower, Pablo Saraví, It was recommended that each passenger consult in advance with the company about the availability of services.

The reasons for the strike and the next measures

According to Arellano, the first dismissal was on October 4 and since then they have been in negotiations with the Ministry of Labor without being able to reach an agreement.

“It was called at some point when we had a strike that had been specified that we were going to do it for 24 hours, and then the strike was lowered, it was suspended, because there had been an attempt to create a commission with proposals from the Ministry, to which the workers We said yes, the company said yes, and after the first meeting began and we lowered the strike, the company came with the same proposal to continue offering layoffs,” he said.

The union member affirmed that the four dismissals occurred because the workers traveled to vote on the pre-agreement of the Salary Council in Assembly: “two for not charging a ticket, two for having come on the buses.” One of them is the general secretary of the union.

“Historically we have always traveled and there has never been a problem. It was an agreement that we had in mind,” said the leader, and pointed out that for this reason they understand business measures as union repression. “We already had 11 workers fired in March,” he added.

Meanwhile, on Monday there will be another Unott meeting where they will analyze more measures among those managing a stoppage of all transport. “There it will be defined if Unott declares a conflict over the dismissed colleague, since he is a union leader Importantly, the one who never had a sanction is a good worker and I think the company went very wrong,” said Arellano.

Source: Ambito

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