They found half a man’s body in the tiger cage

They found half a man’s body in the tiger cage
December 8, 2023 – 2:21 p.m.

It happened this Tuesday at the Sherbagh Zoo in Bahawalpur. The workers saw one of the animals with a shoe in its mouth.

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Staff at a zoo in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, found half of a man’s body inside the cage of three tigers. The discovery occurred after one of the workers noticed that one of the animals had a shoe in its mouth.

A senior official from the wildlife department of the asian country revealed that the results of the victim’s autopsy have not yet been revealed, but that everything indicates that was alive at the time of the attack according to the evidence that could be collected within the premises.

In addition, the zoo authorities indicated that there is no possibility that the felines have left the cage, so The man would have entered by his own means.

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Half of a man's body was found in a Pakistani zoo.

Half of a man’s body was found in a Pakistani zoo.

Courtesy of The Sun.

Suspicions of how he entered the tiger enclosure

A senior local official, Zaheer Anwar, said that the hideout is guarded, although there are stairs behind it, so they suspect that the victim was able to jump from there. However, the authorities also stated that they will investigate whether there was a security breach and, if found, they will proceed to solve it.

This way, the zoo will remain closed until they discovered how he entered the cage and they assured that if necessary they will hire “private security guards.” Meanwhile, the victim still has not been identified nor have family members come forward to complain about him.

What happened to the tigers at the Pakistan Zoo?

After the tragic episode and after finding the man’s corpse, the three animals They were moved to a smaller space to collect evidence.

The truth is that international media assure that zoos in Pakistan are often accused of not taking into account the welfare of the animals and that the facilities are generally located in bad conditions.

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