More than 10,000 Uruguayan SMEs use Mercado Libre to sell

More than 10,000 Uruguayan SMEs use Mercado Libre to sell

Free market continues to grow so much Uruguay as in everything Latin America: according to the result of the study that the e-commerce platform carried out together with Euromonitor International, added 11% more new SMEs to the digital ecosystem in the last two years.

“Impacts that matter,” said the Argentine company Free market by publishing the results of digital inclusion and socioeconomic impact for the last two years. According to the different figures recorded, it consolidated itself as an important job generator and digital transformation throughout the region, “promoting the progress in economies from all corners of Latin America.”

According to the study, carried out together with Euromonitor, the e-commerce and financial services ecosystem offered Market Free also in Uruguay was established as the main source of income for more than 1,800,000 families in the region. This also meant the generation of 27 new jobs per hour in the region and the creation of more than 234,000 new jobs.

Likewise, the company added 11% more SMEs, exceeding the 547,000 small and medium-sized businesses who now offer their products through the marketplace or who use the financial tools of Payment Market.

In Uruguay, 10,196 SMEs use the platform on a recurring basis Free market to reach your customers. Of this total, 9,788 are microenterprises, 81 are medium-sized and 327 are small companies.

“We are proud to see how thousands of people, entrepreneurs and SMEs grow alongside Free market. This motivates us to continue innovating and developing new solutions that translate into opportunities for the entire ecosystem,” he highlighted. Marcos Galperín, founder and CEO of the company, during the presentation of the study.

Credits and technological capacity

In addition to this important data, the report carried out between Free market and Euromonitor highlights that the platform born in Argentina provided access to first credit offer to more than half of the businesses surveyed; 9 out of 10 SMEs managed to expand outside their city of origin; More than 73% of the businesses were identified as family-scale and 1 in 5 of the total is led by a woman.

Likewise, during the last year, 1 in 3 SMEs added technological capabilities that allowed them to maintain or increase their level of employees. This generation of employment also had to do with Free market, since the study reveals that SMEs that sold through the marketplace employed on average 2.3 million associated workers to tasks linked to the platform; and more than 18% advertised their products through Ads Market and got good results.

As additional findings of the report, more than 1 in 4 SMEs that trade in Free market generate between 51% and 99% of your income through the company’s digital ecosystem; and more than 7% of them generate the total of your income through it.

Source: Ambito

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