Activists turn Venice’s famous Grand Canal green

Activists turn Venice’s famous Grand Canal green
Green color in water is usually only seen when the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Some activists rappelled down from the Rialto Bridge over the central canal of the northern Italian lagoon city on Saturday afternoon and poured dye into the water, the group said on social media. The water in the canal then shimmered green.

Visitors to the city, which is particularly popular with tourists, noticed that the water in the Grand Canal suddenly glowed green. Three activists from Extinction Rebellion hung above them and displayed a large poster with the words “COP28: While the government talks, we hang by a thread,” as seen in pictures. Onlookers gathered on the Rialto Bridge during the action – occasional gondoliers rowing past could also be seen taking photos with their cell phones.

According to their own statements, the activists poured fluorescein into the water, a non-toxic substance that is used in tests in sewer networks. With the action they wanted to protest against the “ridiculous progress” made at the world climate conference COP28 in Dubai. “We are tired, we are tired of being played for fools by our governments and knowing that our future is in danger while politicians do nothing,” it said in a statement.

The protest group also took action in other Italian cities. In Milan, for example, she colored the Naviglio Grande – the oldest and most famous of the Navigli canals known in the metropolis – green. But the group also took part in actions in Rome, Turin and Bologna.

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