Steel Wings had to admit defeat to Zeller Eisbären 2:4

Steel Wings had to admit defeat to Zeller Eisbären 2:4

Image: EKZ / Johannes Radlwimmer

The Stahlstadters started the game very badly. Daniel Ban broke the spell for the home team in the first third and scored 1-0 for the Eisbären in the 15th minute of the game. And that despite the fact that the Steel Wings had two more shots on goal than the hosts after the first 20 minutes. But it got even worse: Hubert Berger increased the score to 2-0 in the middle third in the 38th minute and Nick Huard scored six seconds before the second break to make it 0-3 from Linz’s perspective.

Linz fought to catch up in front of 1,876 spectators. Led by goalie Thomas Höneckl, who traveled to his hometown of Salzburg with the Steel Wings together with backup Thomas Schneider and practically formed the last Linz goalkeeper line-up that is still available apart from the junior national team gatherings in Linz, the guests started the game ambitiously Final third. With success – because in the 50th minute of the game Mikael Saha made it 1:3 from Linz’s point of view after a pass from William Persson. And just 111 seconds later it was suddenly 2:3 because Persson took the puck and was able to net. Despite 18:10 shots in favor of the Steel Wings, the equalizer was no longer achieved. Not even when head coach Matej Hocevar took Höneckl off the ice in favor of a sixth skater with 2:37 minutes remaining. Instead, the home fans cheered because Tomi Wilenius made it 4-2 with an empty-net goal 43 seconds before the end.

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