Face to face they don’t say anything

Face to face they don’t say anything

The minister of Defense Javier García joined the controversy that arose after the crossing between the president Luis Lacalle Pou and the mayor of cannelloni and pre-candidate for the presidency of Uruguay for him Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi, in an exchange between sectors that already has the tone of an electoral campaign.

The repercussions after the reproach of Lacalle Pou The man who is emerging as the main Frente Amplista candidate continues to add protagonists. Now the white minister Javier García defended the president and said that his attitude “is good people”.

“In politics there is a certain hypocrisy, one sees political leaders who, through the press, on television, offend, insult, but when they are face to face, they don’t say anything“, he considered in statements to the press.

Likewise, García maintained that the head of state has reasons to be upset with both Orsi and his political force, based on the comments made by the left coalition regarding the Marset scandal. “The mayor Orsi and leaders of the Frente Amplio spoke of a code of omertá in the government, that is, of a mafia code. They talked about how Executive Tower an organization of corruption. Hours ago, it was the most corrupt government“, the minister reviewed.

“I spoke with Orsi a month ago, I called him for the same thing,” he said and assured that he told him about statements by the president of the Frente Amplio, Fernando Pereira, who have “a level of aggressiveness that can end very badly.”

“When there is distance, everyone is brave, but when they are hand in hand… A little bit of hypocrisy”, lamented the minister.

President Lacalle Pou He told the Canarian mayor that “we are going to have to start talking better.” “If you want to maintain a good relationship try to take care of your manners. I say it publicly. “We are going to improve a little,” she reproached him during the greeting between the two, who coincided in a business activity in the Industrial Pole of Progress.

Orsi, For his part, he considered at a press conference that the president’s words were “totally out of tune” and that his comment “does not correspond to the investiture.” “Nothing and no one is going to keep me quiet about what I think,” he said.

The repercussions of the exchange

Frontline leaders of the Wide Front and the National Party They expressed themselves after the crossing between Lacalle Pou and Orsi.

The voices were varied from the Frente Amplista side and the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, was one of the first to pick up the gauntlet and, in line with Orsi, who accused the president of “not being up to par,” said: “I think there are more important things What a president has to do before going around complaining about manners yes, manners no about other politicians. There is a whole reality that demands him and that is what he has to attend to.”

The president of the FA said something similar, Fernando Pereira, who indicated in a press conference that The street Pbou “should take some time to talk to some senators from his party who actually have lack of respect, bad manners, poor management in the Senate and even procedures that border on abuse.”

In that sense, Pereira once again took aim at the head of state and expressed: “Maybe we have to look more inside the game “I have to look at our colleague Orsi, who is very respectful, who I know takes care of every word and that in this case I don’t see any insult, any disqualification from the mayor to the president.”

For the National Party, the one that took the baton in defense of Lacalle Pou He was the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado. “I had already said that Orsi had skidded many times,” he stated at a press conference and continued: “Sometimes it skids badly, especially the last few times.”

In this way, the PN pre-candidate responded to his FA counterpart and asked “maintain the level of the campaign”. “You can run a very firm campaign in the debate, and we are going to be very tough in the debate of ideas, but we are having a lot at stake in Uruguay between two models. “Not just the next five years, perhaps much later,” said Delgado, while he promised not to get into “personal issues or grievances.”

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