Who is the most beautiful man in Italy who abandoned modeling to become a priest

Who is the most beautiful man in Italy who abandoned modeling to become a priest

During the year 2019, Edoardo Santini, a 21-year-old model, was proclaimed as “the most beautiful man in Italy”. Since he won the title, the young man has dedicated himself to modeling, acting and dancing, but now he has made the decision to give his life an unexpected turn: seeks to become a priest.

He young italian, who is originally from Castelfiorentino, used his social networks to tell about his choice and provided details about how difficult it was for him to take that step, since it was something that “terrified“.

Furthermore, he revealed that his friends and family questioned his spiritual transformation and he received to much critics On your part. In any case, he says he is very happy to have made the decision.

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What motivated the Italian model to become a priest

As Santini relates on his social networks, during the last year he sought to be more in touch with your faithwhich led him to attend the World Youth Day which takes place in Lisbon. There, the other young people showed him what the church means and it was what motivated him to start researching this issue.

Edoardo even assures that it is something that he carried inside him since he was a child, but that “various fears” prevented him from delving into the subject. After attending the event in Lisbon, the 21-year-old model went to live with two priests, something he describes as “the most beautiful experience of my life.”

According to him, living together allowed him to “meet brothers” and find the answer he was waiting for.from above“Finally, at the end of that year, he asked the bishop to enter the preparatory year before the seminary.

In that retreat, Edoardo Santini realized that He wanted to dedicate his life to God and train in religion, so she left modeling, acting and dancing aside. However, she assures that that world will always be part of her but that “but I will live them and put them in different contexts.”

Currently, the Italian model is in the bishop and here I am, studying theology and serving in two parishes of the Florentine diocese.

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Edoardo Santini was considered the

Edoardo Santini was considered the “most beautiful man in Italy.”


How his inner circle reacted

Although Edoardo Santini claims to be very happy with his decision, it was not easy because his family and friends they did not agree with what he wanted for his life. Even at first, the young Italian had told very few people about the reason for his move.

However, upon revealing it, he received negative comments from those around him that even made him doubt his choice. Santini revealed that many people criticized him behind his back and even pointed out that he had been a “disappointment” for his family, but he highlighted the presence of those who supported him. ““I had built more walls for myself than there really were,” he said.

Edoardo Santini assures that he is convinced of his decision and that he is very happy to have taken a step that “prevented from being fullyFinally, he expressed that he was not wrong since he is sure that he does not regret “this trip” because now he can say that he is happy.

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