Bouvier highlighted Uruguay as a global example in the fight against climate change

Bouvier highlighted Uruguay as a global example in the fight against climate change

He Minister of the Environment, Robert Bouvier, highlighted the country as “a global example” in the fight to contribute to the mitigation of the climate change and urged that developed countries assume their greatest responsibility to implement urgent and substantive measures to confront the crisis in this matter at a global level.

In turn, the leader highlighted that Uruguay is a “pioneer” in the implementation of early mitigation measures, “reaching percentages greater than 95% of renewables in the electrical matrix,” as indicated when speaking at the High Level Segment of the Conference on the climate change organized by United Nations (COP28), that develops in Dubai.

Bouvier He highlighted the role of the government and maintained that “political priority has been assigned to actions to adapt to climate change” and among the initiatives he valued the “enormous planning efforts to have plans focused on the agricultural sector, cities and infrastructure and on the coastal area, all of them aligned to the National Climate Change Policy”.

In this regard, the minister pointed out that national climate policies and actions are addressed through the National Climate Change Response System, a space that has operated continuously and consolidated since 2009.

The green bond, the World Bank loan and sustainable livestock farming

When reviewing the actions of the government, Bouvier maintained that “Uruguay It has inter-institutional work that is an example worldwide and that has allowed the issuance of a sovereign bond associated with environmental indicators.” To this milestone, it added “the completion of a loan together with the world Bank that links the interest rate to the fulfillment of climate objectives.”

On the other hand, he assured that he implemented “policies that promote increasingly sustainable agricultural production, protecting natural ecosystems, biodiversity and soils from erosion,” in line with what the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Fernando Mattos.

Regarding the agreements to reduce emissions and generate actions to care for the environment, the leader called for the support of developed countries to face these challenges. “We continue to be concerned with the lack of implementation of the financial goals of developed countries according to the Convention and the Paris Agreement. “This generates a negative impact on the ability of developing countries to implement their national climate change policies and plans,” he noted.

For all this, Bouvier He stated that “the challenge is great, the need for greater action is urgent and very relevant challenges persist that must be addressed, promises that must be fulfilled, particularly for developing countries.”

“The principle of common but differentiated responsibilities is a cornerstone of the Convention and the Paris Agreement, and it must also be so in this Conference. We share responsibilities, but not all of us have the same degree of responsibility,” he concluded.

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