Lift accident with mother and son: loose component came off

Lift accident with mother and son: loose component came off
The chairlift in Schwendau where the accident happened

A locking ring may have come loose from its position. Josef Reiter, CEO of Mayrhofner Bergbahnen, told “TT am Sonntag” that these were the findings of two experts appointed by the public prosecutor and the cable car authority.

However, it was not possible to determine exactly how this could happen. However, the experts pointed out that an identical clamp had already caused an accident in another ski area in the past. Reiter emphasized that “during the overhaul work, all visual and functional checks were carried out in accordance with the specifications of the maintenance instructions.” The elevator remained stationary for the time being.

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The armchair occupied by the family suddenly slipped backwards on Friday and crashed into the armchair behind, which was unoccupied. As a result of the collision, the 38-year-old mother and eleven-year-old son fell from a height of around eight meters into the snow-covered terrain, while the 41-year-old father remained in the chair. According to police, the mother suffered serious back and pelvic injuries. The extent of the boy’s and father’s injuries was initially unclear. After initial treatment, the family was taken to the clinic in Innsbruck by rescue helicopter.

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