Mild weather next week

Mild weather next week
The temperatures are getting milder. However, rain can turn into black ice.
Image: Manfred Fesl

However, individual cold air lakes are still present, and in regions there may still be black ice on Monday morning. The daily highs are eleven degrees, ten degrees are also possible over the course of the week.

At the Monday The sun in Austria will have to share the sky with many dense clouds until midday. Especially around the main Alpine ridge, but also in the eastern lowlands, it still rains intermittently with a snow line between 1,500 and 2,000 meters above sea level, but most of it in the west of the country. In the Vienna Basin and on the eastern edge of the Alps there may be temporary slippery conditions due to freezing rain. In the afternoon the precipitation finally subsides and the sun appears more often. Only in the southwest of Austria and locally in Upper Austria are the last short rain showers still passing through. The predominant wind direction is southeast to west. From here the wind blows weak to moderate, and also brisk in the foehn valleys on the north side of the Alps. The temperatures in the morning are between minus six and plus four degrees. The maximum daily temperatures are three to eleven degrees.

  • The weather forecast in detail

It starts in the eastern half Tuesday still sunny. Further to the west, however, the clouds are becoming increasingly dense in the morning and by midday rain will set in with a snow line between 1,700 and 2,200 meters above sea level. By the evening, clouds and rain will slowly spread towards the east and eventually reach the eastern plains and southeast Styria. Only Carinthia and southern Styria remain largely dry. The wind comes from the south to the east and is sometimes lively in the Föhn valleys in the west as well as in Upper and Lower Austria, in Vienna and in northern Burgenland. After minus six to plus six degrees in the morning, there is a warming of two to ten degrees during the day.

Under the influence of disturbances dominate on Wednesday dense clouds in the eastern Alpine region and it rains or snows frequently and for a longer period of time in regions, but most of all near the main Alpine ridge and in the south. The snowfall limit is usually between 1,000 and 1,500 meters above sea level; it can only fall significantly lower in areas with heavy precipitation. In the afternoon, individual loosenings are most likely in the extreme north and west. The wind usually blows only slightly. Early temperatures minus one to plus six degrees, the daily maximum temperatures reach two to ten degrees.

South of the main Alpine ridge and in the southeast of Austria, after any fog fields or residual clouds have cleared up, the Thursday quite sunny and dry weather. Further to the north and east, however, there are significantly more clouds. There will also be further rainfall in some areas, especially from the Bregenzerwald to Mariazellerland. The snowfall limit gradually drops to around 1,200 to 700 meters above sea level. The wind comes from the west to northwest and is mostly weak to moderate, and sometimes brisk in some foehn valleys on the southern side of the Alps and in the Vienna Basin. The early temperatures are minus two to plus six, the daily maximum temperatures reach around three to ten degrees.

With a north-westerly to northerly flow, the Friday Especially in the northern half of Austria, extensive clouds with some rain, sleet or even snowfall will be noticeable. The snowfall limit is likely to drop to lower altitudes. The southern side of the Alps offers much friendlier weather with at least occasional sunshine. In the Danube region and on the eastern edge of the Alps there is a moderate north-westerly wind, and sometimes brisk in the mountains. Otherwise the wind in the lowlands will largely die down. The early temperatures are minus five to plus three degrees, the daily maximum temperatures are usually only one to six degrees.

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