Fernando Pereira criticized Alberto Fernández and assured that Peronism does not coincide with the Broad Front

Fernando Pereira criticized Alberto Fernández and assured that Peronism does not coincide with the Broad Front
December 10, 2023 – 16:25

The party leader questioned the efforts of the former Argentine president to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, to stop the Uruguay-China bilateral negotiations.

Photo: RRSS Fernando Pereira

He president of the Frente Amplio (FA), Fernando Pereiracriticized the outgoing president of Argentina, Alberto Fernándezafter he recognized in the LXIII Summit of Mercosur Heads of State that he had contacted his then Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinpingto express their disagreement with the Uruguay-China bilateral negotiations outside the South American economic bloc.

Within the framework of Tabaré Vázquez Congressin tribute to the former Uruguayan head of state, Pereira He said this Friday night at a press conference that what he did Fernandez “These are steps that should not be done.”

“We are aware that China prefers an agreement with the Mercosur than an agreement with countries, but it also seems to me that it is not appropriate for presidents of other countries to obstruct policies of international insertion,” said the Broad Front in this regard.

In addition, Pereira He said that the posture shown by the President Luis Lacalle Pou at each summit of the economic bloc is “a policy of harassment”, and he criticized the distance that exists between the announcements and the real concretions.

“Peronism and the Broad Front, in my head they do not coincide”

On the other hand, Pereira He once again marked his differences with the former president Fernandez in matters of government management. “I don’t know how they make Peronism or Kirchnerism coincide with the FA, in my head they don’t coincide,” he said. After being asked if he considered Peronism as a left-wing political current, the FA leader remarked: “I believe it has a left, it has a right and it has a center.”

The Frente Amplista leader went further and said that he does not know where he defines himself on the political spectrum. Fernandezbut that “has not had an adequate policy”, since a government that reaches certain levels of inflation and poverty hits the popular sectors, contrary to what, he understands, happened in the FA administrations.

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