Leaders of the National Party harshly questioned Orsi for his statements about the government and Marset

Leaders of the National Party harshly questioned Orsi for his statements about the government and Marset
December 10, 2023 – 18:00

The Minister of Social Development, Martín Lema, stated that the gesture of the mayor of Canelones to “generate suspicion” was “petty” and “cowardly.”

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The repercussions after the tense crossing between the President Luis Lacalle Pou and the Mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsido not stop, after the latter suggested, a few days ago, the existence of a possible connection between the national government and the Uruguayan drug trafficker and fugitive from justice at an international level, Sebastián Marset.

After the president on Friday Lacalle Pou I would ask Orsi “take care of manners”, while they shook hands, in pursuit of “maintaining a good relationship”, and that later the Canary Islands mayor assured at a press conference that he felt very “embarrassed” by the situation experienced, the criticism from an official party that expected An apology for his past statements was immediate.

He Minister of Social Development (Mides), Martín Lemastated that “the gesture that the mayor of Canelones had is a petty and cowardly gesture. That gesture of generating suspicion by trying to link the government with a drug trafficker is very petty, that is very low,” he noted.

The member of the Executive power He went further and said that the departmental leader should “apologize to the citizens,” and that he was not clear about what was happening with Orsiif this “disguises himself as a moderate or the radicals wear it”, in reference to the most left-wing sectors of the Broad Front (FA).

The Vice President of the Republic, Beatriz Argimón, indicated that “some complicated assertions have been made for a long time,” and especially among those competing in the next elections. Argimón expressed that it would not occur to her to say that the FA, when it was a government, had a connection with the escape of the Italian mobster Rocco Morabito.

Da Silva: “Orsi doesn’t take it and doesn’t know how to apologize”

For his part, the Senator Sebastián Da Silvacalled Orsi of “a sarasa candidate”, who “does not take the issue” and “does not know how to apologize”, alluding to the words of the Canarian, who indicated that the latest public statements of marset “they coincided with the government’s story.”

“That I though Orsi, that we were going to admit that he gratuitously treated us as gangsters? He is used to the committee where people do not tell him the things they think, he has other codes, and it was time for someone to put him in his place,” the nationalist legislator stressed.

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