Enrique Antía said that if Argentina does well, we do better

Enrique Antía said that if Argentina does well, we do better

He Mayor of Maldonado, Enrique Antíabelieves that the change of government in Argentina will benefit trade relations between both countries and maintained that “if Argentina He’s doing well, we’re doing better.”

Within the framework of the 24th edition of the “Paella Gigante” held in Piriápolis (Maldonado)which took place last Saturday night, Mayor Fernandino showed his optimism at a press conference after the inauguration of the new Argentine President Javier Mileias reported by Maldonado Noticias.

After being consulted about the change of administration in the neighboring country, the departmental leader indicated: “Without a doubt there is a different optimism in Argentina“A change of government always generates hope.”

Antía explained that the relationship of Uruguay with the previous government “it was not very good to say the least”, since “there was everything, from bridges cut off to additional procedures and taxes on merchandise that made trade difficult.”

However, for Mayor Fernandino “we couldn’t be worse” in terms of bilateral relations, so “anything that is done will be for the better.” “Yes to Argentina things are going well, we are doing better, so what we have to dream about is a Argentina May it go well, and may that country prosper because it also has everything,” said the community leader.

“There are more rentals, there are more reservations”

On the other hand, facing the summer season that is beginning, Antía He dared to say that this one will be slightly better than the previous one. “There are more events, there are more rentals, there are more bookings,” she explained.

Likewise, he added that during last year “we had a very important thing that was bad for rural producers, but good for tourism, the wonderful days throughout the summer,” in reference to the prolonged drought that devastated the national countryside.

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