Google: These were the most searched terms in Austria in 2023

Google: These were the most searched terms in Austria in 2023
In the “International Headlines” category, the search query “War in Israel and Gaza” knocks last year’s leader “Ukraine” from first place.

“International crises such as the war in the Middle East and Ukraine, the earthquake in Turkey or the imploded Titan submarine were very present this year,” said Wolfgang Fasching-Kapfenberger, press spokesman for Google Austria, at Google’s presentation here -Annual review. Once a year, the internet search engine’s review reveals what Austrians typed most often on Google. The operator evaluates more than a billion search queries and creates rankings based on the “most trending searches”. These are the search terms that have increased the most compared to the previous year – generic terms such as “weather” would therefore be excluded.

War in Israel and Gaza displaced Ukraine

In the “International Headlines” category, the search query “War in Israel and Gaza” knocks last year’s leader “Ukraine” out of first place, followed by “Earthquake Turkey”. Nevertheless, the Ukraine war continued to concern Austrian Google users: “Ukraine News” came in third place and the Russian mercenaries of the “Wagner Group” came in ninth.

The Middle East also dominated the questions asked of Google. “What is the Gaza Strip?” was the most entered “what question” in 2023, “What is a kibbutz?” and “What is Hamas?” are also among the ten most wanted. “How deep is the Titanic” was again the most common “how” question. In addition, the Austrians most often wanted to know from Google: “How sick is Herbert Kickl?”, “How long is the vignette valid for 2022?”, “What is a Marxist?” or “What belongs in the yellow bag?”

Excitement Rammstein and Teichtmeister

The “Excitement” category leads the search for the rock band “Rammstein”, whose frontman Till Lindemann was confronted with allegations of sexual assault. The second biggest sensation on the list is “Florian Teichtmeister”. The ex-castle actor was convicted of possessing and producing files containing depictions of abuse of children and young people. The “American Staffordshire Terrier” follows in third place – this is probably due to the fatal bite attack on an Upper Austrian jogger by the same dog breed in October 2023. With “Nehammer Video” in eighth place and “SPÖ member survey” in tenth place, domestic political excitement also made it onto the list.

Tina Turner and Matthew Perry dominated the farewell category

According to Google, the ten “Austrians of the Year” are Dominic Thiem, RAF Camora, Sebastian Ofner, Toni Gabalier, Andreas Babler, Amira Pocher, Richard Lugner, Hans Peter Doskozil, Missy May and René Benko. When it comes to international personalities, Lugner guest Jane Fonda is at the top, followed by Jürgen Drews and Taylor Swift, with Tina Turner, who died in 2023, generating the most searches in the “farewell” category, ahead of Matthew Perry.

In contrast to the previous year, Google Austria also evaluated an economic category, with “Black Friday”, “Climate Bonus” and “OpenAI” taking the top positions. The latter caused a stir not only because of AI products, but also because of the job wrangling surrounding Sam Altmann, head of the ChatGPT inventor. With “Kika-Leiner” (sixth place) and “Signa” (ninth place), investor Benko indirectly made it into this category twice. However, both “inflation” and “price increases” are missing from the top queries.

In the “Climate, Nature and Environment” category, “high heat warning” is the top search term, “Chat GPT” is the top search term for technology, and the tennis tournaments “Wimbledon” and “US Open” are the top sports events. Corona has now disappeared from the rankings published by Google Austria.

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