The first binational airport in America opens in Rivera

The first binational airport in America opens in Rivera

He Rivera binational airport will be inaugurated today in a ceremony that will be attended by the president Luis Lacalle Pou. The airport is one of the government’s big bets to improve the connectivity of Uruguay with the world, and one of the commitments assumed together with Brazil.

Uruguay Airports will inaugurate the Rivera International Airport “General President Óscar D. Gestido” as part of the conditioning and renovation project in infrastructure and services carried out in different air terminals in the country.

In addition to Lacalle Pou, authorities will be present at the event Brazil and from the department of Rivera, as well as ministers and representatives of America Airports Corporation Uruguay.

The Minister of Defense, Javier García, assured that it will be the first binational airport in America and the second worldwide and highlighted that it means “decentralization, development and work“.

“It is a very significant fact and is the result of a political decision, there was a law that was unanimous, that was promoted by the president of the republic, that was promoted by the government and that the Parliament unanimously approved creating the system of international airports,” stated the leader.

A path of cooperation

The declaration of the binationality of the Rivera airport took place on August 14, with the presence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRREE) and local and national authorities Brazil. Likewise, it had been one of the commitments announced by the president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva during his visit to the country in January.

At that time, the event was attended by the current former chancellor Francisco Bustillo; of the Minister of Defense, Javier García; the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), Arbeleche Lily; the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado; and the Minister of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP), José Luis Falero. On the side of Brazil The Minister of Ports and Airports did it, Márcio Luiz Franca and that of Foreign Affairs, Mauro Viera.

Already in June, García had commented to the press that Uruguay would sign a “memorandum of understanding” with Brazil to advance the airport’s binationality process. On that occasion, García highlighted the “potential” that the use of the “shared code” between both countries will have.

Brazil will use the airport as a domestic airport. In this regard, the Minister of Defense indicated that “if there are people who want to enter Uruguay, he migrates from Uruguay and enters; if not, continue to Brazil and it is understood as a domestic flight.” “I know that there are Brazilian companies interested in doing this route,” he said. He also recalled that the “political will” of the presidents was key to advancing this process. Lacalle Pou and Lula da Silva.

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